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AZAP Print provides the following services:

Photocopying service AZAP Print provides a full black & white and colour photocopying services.

Whether it's just a one-off copy or multiple copying we can photocopy it for you. Our photocopying machines ensure you receive perfect copies all the time

We can photocopy many things, including: Photos,Booklets,Certificates,Postcards & Maps,etc.

Photocopying Pricing

Black And White Print Pricing
0-10 sheets 25c per sheet
10-50 sheets 15c per sheet
50-100 sheets 10c per sheet
100-500 sheets 8c per sheet
500-1000 sheets 5c per sheet

Colour Print Pricing
0-5 sheets 80c per sheet
5-10 sheets 60c per sheet
10-50 sheets 45c per sheet
50-100 sheets 40c per sheet
100-500 sheets 25c per sheet
500-1000 sheets 20c per sheet

AZAP photocopying service can produce documents which you can proudly present.

We accept all copying jobs both small and large

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